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New  Wide-Bander for IC-705

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Wide-Bander MkIII Wire

Following the success of the Mark II, the quest for greater efficiency has led us to replace the whip with a stealth 2 wire kit.  The standard MkIII comprises the usual BNC and wire adapter so you can connect your own whip antenna

Both the “Wire”and “BNC” versions are available from Martin Lynch & Sons  ML&S - £129.95 (with Counterpoise for 169.95)

The Tuneable Counter Poise plugs directly into the MK 4 above or can be attached to a rig chassis if a wire antenna is being used. Price £59.95

The RWT-166 covers 160 - 6m as the name suggests and uses a stepped inductor and a variable capacitor as an LC match for a wire antenna.

WonderWand Tunable Compact Loop

New model utilising our unique “HLT” Hybrid Loop Technology to cover             7 - 50 MHz in one convenient package.

"Continuing the trend of our rig mounted loop antennas, here is a fusion of our popular 4010 & 206 models in one single package, employing two loop circuits with a common feedpoint. Rated at 10W the WL-750 can be either rig mounted or fed with a short length of coax, can be used with transceivers like the Elecraft KX-2 & 3. Tuning is in 2 auto ranges with no requirement for a switch, a technology unique to Wonder-Wand.

Just tune for a peak in receive noise then fine tune for minimum S.W.R. and you are ready for action!

Careful orientation of the loop element can reduce unwanted receive interference.

There are some newly upgraded components, namely our locally sourced precision engineered low profile solid brass loop terminals, as well as a new high quality tuning capacitor.

Also available from ML&S for £109.95   

From time to time, special offers available - email Carl - see Order Page.