Wonderwand began when it first became noticeable that the FT817 helical whip only really covered 50MHz and up.  It was immediately apparent that there was a need for a compact portable antenna to cover the HF bands.  This ruled out the convenience of full sized antennas at these frequencies. 

Hence began the quest for something in-between!

The first requirement was to obtain a telescopic antenna at least 1.3m long and work on a dedicated multiband matching section to interface this to the transceiver.  After many trials, reproducible results were achieved and the MK 1 came into being.  Continued development and engineering changes over the years resulted in the current MK 5.  Throughout its development this antenna has been popular with FT817 users since late 2002.

Later a Tuneable Counterpoise was added to the WW range to improve performance for slightly more static portable operation.

More recently, the Wide - Bander has been developed.  This allows not only the now standard 1.3m telescopic whip to be used, but also a random wire antenna,

if more static operation is possible.

May 2013 - the new Tunable Compact Loop is released covering 20 - 6m.  See more details of all products under Our Products.  Latest eHam review here.

WonderWand is now a Miracle Antenna service centre with the spares and expertise to keep you on the air.

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