21 September 2020

From David M7DFM with WideBander

Thought I’d let you know that I took your suggestion of the W3EDP and connected up an 84ft wire using the tuneable counterpoise and immediately I noticed a real difference in receive. On 160m I thought I’d try my luck and made two contacts with reports of 5/8 into South West Scotland and 4/4 into Rotterdam on 5W!! The wire is configured in my 40ft garden highest point 17ft down to the bottom of garden and around garden at 6ft👍

Thank you again I’m even more of a promoter of Wonder Wand now :-) Keep up the good work.

11 December 2013

From G4GEE

Recently returned from a cruise around the Med and had permission to operate /MM.

Had some fantastic contacts with my 817 and the Wonder Wand.

Wkd HC, HI, PY,ZS,KP4 and a few yanks on 10m.

Also wkd LU on 12m.

13 August 2013

I have the MFJ extendable whip…a similar product that I bought in Frankfurt Germany, when we lived there some years ago.  I have also built my own, to no real success.

Thus far with this loop I have worked C6, DL, DU, EI, G and HB as well as a number of US of A stations.  CW and SSB.

I’m happy.  Thanks again.


Good antenna!

It is not the same as a 4 element yagi up in the air 100 feet.  But it is not supposed to be that. This antenna IS better than any other portable “mounted directly to the radio” antenna that I have ever used.

Good stuff!  Thanks!

Gary, N7BRJ

14 June 2013

M0BOB and TCL on WSPR 20m

WSPR using a Yaesu FT817ND & a small magnetic loop - YouTube

4 June 2013

Hi Carl.

Despite the awful conditions over the weekend I still managed several reasonable contacts into Europe, the best being Portugal and Slovakia using the Wonder Loop and the Mk4, I just missed a Sicily contact on 6M as the band went flat, on Saturday I made several 6m contacts on the loop while the conditions were ok - 5/1 & 5/2 received on most qso's but I was easily heard with 5W on the 817, most of my contacts were very complimentary regarding the audio quality so overall I am very pleased with the loop, hopefully the conditions will improve in the next few days. 


Paul - M6WAX

30 May 2013 Re TCL

Today from my garden in Cambridge I worked OH6KD on 20m and RA3QK on 17m - both contacts on the WonderLoop on 5w.


29 May 2013 Re TCL

Hi Carl - yes working fine turned on and had a tune round bands straight away had qso with SV2HJQ in greece 5/9 both ways, him 400W me 5W - impressive  yes and thats an understatement.

My thanks once again Carl.


Paul - M6WAX

Posted by one of the first TCL customers